The most effective lobbyists understand the impact of the legislation they are working on and can articulate that impact. To successfully represent an organization on complex and politically charged legislative issues, your lobbyist must not only have the legislative contacts, but also the background and knowledge to achieve the best possible public policy outcome. Arizona Capitol Connections gives you that winning combination.

Arizona Capitol Connections is a government relations and public policy consulting firm. Established in 2003 Arizona Capitol Connections (formerly Barnes & Associates) specializes in providing clients with policy options and the implementation of those policy options through advocacy. The firm was founded and is managed by Mark Barnes. Mr. Barnes has worked with the Arizona State Legislature since 1995. The firm provides legislative advocacy services to a diverse set of clients ranging from local branches of government to non-profit organizations and associations.

We offer our government relations clients what few other firms can—expert legislative analysis, legislative advocacy and lobbying efforts that are custom-tailored to maximize the likelihood of legislative success. This is complemented by bipartisan contacts at the highest levels of legislative office.

Our services

  • Lobbying proposed legislation to meet the needs of our clients
  • Identifying and analyzing the impact of proposed legislation
  • Drafting legislation and amendments
  • Briefing your organization on the status of legislation
  • Providing liaison services between our clients & the Governor’s Office, Legislature and State Agencies

Sectors we work in

  • For the Non-Profit Sector
  • Education and Public Finance
  • Transportation and Air Quality
  • Small Business
  • Healthcare
  • Government, Taxation and State Budget

Some of our current & past clients