Our Team

At Arizona Capitol Connections, we work with only the very best government relations representatives. Our team members are seasoned representatives with hands-on experience in the sectors we work in.

Mark Barnes

President and Director of Legislative Services

Mr. Barnes has been directly involved in Arizona’s public policy arena since receiving a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Arizona in 1994. He has actively participated in every Legislative Session since 1995 as a policy analyst, as a lobbyist for an association of governments and most recently as a private practice lobbyist.

Over the last two decades, Mr. Barnes has worked on a variety of legislative issues, in the areas of education policy and finance, healthcare, transportation, taxation, appropriations and State budget issues. He has been the lead lobbyist on a number of major legislative issues, including education and healthcare finance, transportation, electric deregulation and State budget issues. He has provided his clients with legislative analyses, advised them on public policy issues and assisted them in developing and implementing legislative strategy.

By representing clients with issues that affect every area of the State, Mr. Barnes has been able to cultivate relationships with legislators from all areas of the State. Through volunteering and assisting with their campaigns, he has been able to develop additional legislative contacts.

You may contact Mark directly at mark@azcapconnect.com.